Visiting a Tribute

Visiting a Tribute page in memory of a lost loved one is a special way to remember and celebrate their life.

Donating in memory

Donating to the Tribute in memory of a loved one can be a special way of remembering that person and letting their legacy live on by supporting a chosen cause or charity.  You can make donations in lieu of flowers or on special anniversaries.

About HAVEN Funeral Services

Create your own place to remember

HAVEN Funeral Services offer a free service to create a loving and lasting online memorial tribute, in partnership with memorial website charity MuchLoved. The service provides you with the tools you need so that you can easily create a beautiful memorial website to respect and cherish the memory of your loved one.
As your own special tribute, this online page can become a place of comfort to visit any time or place, in order to help you remember and reflect. You can do many things including posting stories, favourite pictures and memories, or lighting a candle. As everything is stored centrally everyone can access at any time.

Haven Funeral Services

HAVEN Funeral Services is committed to traditional values of support and dignity together with a caring, modern approach, to give the bereaved a meaningful and positive funeral experience.

Updating your Tribute

Your Tribute site can be used to pass on information to family and friends about funeral arrangements, anniversaries or other important occasions. Over time your Tribute will develop into a beautiful, lasting record and legacy for your family and future generations, as each memory and contribution is added.